Good times coming up this Saturday.

ritual music


dublab / Leaving Records / Human Ear Music / Discotheque Records present…SHIMMER.

Aquatic audio performances by Golden Hits, Julia Holter and matthewdavid.

Visual projections created by Jesselisa Moretti, Diego Herrera and Golden Hits.

FREE / ALL AGES / 8pm-12am

Sea and Space Explorations

4755 York boulevard

Eagle Rock, CA 90042

This creative evening happens under Reclamation Project’s newest installation, “Aquarium.”

Visitors climb a ten foot staircase to feed reclaimed water into a
plumbing system consisting of hundreds of used plastic bottles filled
with sand, charcoal, gravel, and rocks suspended from the ceiling by
the strength of hundreds of plastic bags. With the power of gravity,
the water snakes and zigzags through this aqueduct/filtration system
and empties purified into a modular pyramidal garden composed of
food-producing, carnivorous, and water plants. And this is only the
beginning of AQUARIUM. Fore more info please click HERE.

Aquarium is on exhibit February 13 – March 6, 2010


Label Launch.

Today’s the day.
Discotheque Records kicks off with two cassette releases!
Head to the RELEASES page to purchase.

Kenneth John Gilmore – Anina (Cassette Single)


The first release from Kenneth Gilmore is finally here! Beautiful arrangement and production that’s just on point make the hissy, reverb-soaked “Anina” sound like it’s been uncovered from decades past. The B-side, “Thick Leaves,” is a nervous instrumental. Warm organ chords and haunting piano plucking create a support on top of which whispered “doots,” crunching leaves, and water sloshes make their home.
Recorded in Glendale, CA onto 1/4″ tape.
4 different covers have been printed for this release and each one hand-dyed to the desired color and effect making this a very special and, soon to be, collectible release. Only 100 made.
(Digital download included with purchase.)

Preview “Anina”:

Languis – First Days (Cassette)

First Days Cassette

Recorded between 1996 and 1997 in Altadena, CA but seeing the light of day for the first time, “First Days” is the first collection of songs recorded by Alejandro Cohen and Marcos Chloca under the name Languis. Recorded with a Tascam Portastudio, Casio HT-700, Kawai K-1r, a borrowed guitar, and a telephone microphone, “First Days” takes your ears on a trip through both abstract and melodic songs and experiments.
Be sure to get your hands on this piece of collectible history. Only 100 made.
(Digital download included with purchase)

Preview “Miserable Life” and “Track 9” from the album:
Miserable Life

Track 9

Head to the RELEASES page to purchase.