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Suzanne Kraft posters for sale in la shop!

Suzy K Poster

11 x 17″ laser printed posters.

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Fashion Videos by Miko

Master video artist Miko Revereza made a series of videos documenting a photo shoot of Renata Raksha featuring a track from Suzanne Kraft’s ‘Missum’ EP.

Check out one of them below and be sure to check out more of Miko’s work.

Fashion Video 1 from miko revereza on Vimeo.

LET HIM IN / 05.7.10

Facebook event

*Let Him In has a new day and new home; first Fridays at the Hyperion Tavern.*

We’re celebrating the release of Daedelus’ addition to dublab’s “Future Roots Mix CD series.” This megamix of early Rave sounds shines with the exuberance of electric optimism. They are recorded remnants of bassbins booming in day-glo seas.

Special Guest
(exclusive rave dj set)

Green Bean
SFV Acid
Suzanne Kraft

–frosty may pop in to pleaseure the ladies–

The Hyperion Tavern
1941 Hyperion Ave.
Los Angeles, CA